Lille, so close and so different

Lille - Les moules pendant la braderie

In the heart of the northern European capitals (Paris-London-Brussels), Lille is a Flemish city of art and culture, featuring more than 15 museums including the F-ine Arts Museum the second richest museum in France in terms of collections, Charles de Gaulle’s birthplace and the Hospice Comtesse Museum.


In addition to the colourful façades of Flemish architecture (including the Old Stock Exchange - one of the finest examples), Lille has a rich and diverse heritage: mansions between the courtyards and gardens of the royal quarter alongside wide boulevards where the “maisons Folies”, originally textile factories and breweries, have been given a new lease on life.


To discover this authentic, warm urban culture, have a drink in a café in the Wazemmes quarter, where local popular traditions are very much alive. Take a stroll through the stands, let your imagine run before the second-hand booths, and above all, lose yourself in the bustle of the Sunday morning market. Sounds, colours and smells blend with the melody of the accordeon. Take advantage of the intense cultural life, especially the Opera, and of the many culinary offerings.


In the heart of northern Europe, Lille is easily accessible. Transglobe ‘s “Lille” programme also includes a discovery tour of the surrounding area: Roubaix’s Museum of Art and Industry has been wonderfully converted from an art deco swimming pool, the Chartreuse Museum in Douai, the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, the Opal Coast, etc.

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