Lyons, capital of the Gauls

Eglise Saint Nizier - Photo OT Lyon

Situated at the confluence of the Rhone and the Saone Rivers near several major European cities, the historic site of Lyons is classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO.


Discover Gallo-Roman Lyons on the Fourvière hilltop, near Notre Dame Basilica. Stroll through narrow, cobble-stoned streets and “traboules,” or closed alleys, in the Old Town, the largest Renaissance ensemble in France. Criss-cross the classical area on the Presqu’île and discover chic boutiques, art galleries and antique shops. Traboules and stairways will lead you to the Croix-Rousse hill, the Canut silk weavers’ quarter and the studio for artistic creation.


With its 2,000-year history of trade and welcoming visitors, Lyons is a big city on a human scale.


Lyons dwellers are known for their conviviality and art de vivre: an internationally renowned gastronomy, a booming artistic and cultural scene, a dynamic and creative fashion industry, the charm of its riverbanks, squares and gardens - not to mention the high quality of hotel choices.


Lyons, the native city of Paul Bocuse and many other celebrated chefs, has always been the French city with the best food. Whether it is a “Bouchon” (common, typical restaurant) or a fine dining venue, Lyons’ cuisine is based on the yield of the rich, sunsoaked land. To the north of Lyons are the Beaujolais and Burgundy “grand cru” areas, while to the south, there are the “Côtes Roties” and “Côtes du Rhône” regions.


In the evening, you can choose between a stroll through the lighted city, a dinner cruise, a gastronomic restaurant, a “bouchon,” a “Guignol” puppet show, or a café-theatre - unless you have already decided to take in an opera, dance show, or concert of jazz, classical music, rock, etc.


To discover Lyons’ rich heritage, transglobe offers a weekend tour of Lyons:

Visit the old quarters, the Opera, the museums, and the banks of the Rhone, and make an excursion to the nearby medieval village of Perouges or to the Beaujolais for a day. In the evening, enjoy a gourmet’s feast, the Opera whose dynamic programming is well known, or a dinner cruise on the Rhone. And stay at one of the many fine hotels in the city.


For special interests, other programmes are possible:

  • Business trips or meetings
  • Gastronomic visits
  • A visit during the Festival of Lights (the 8th of December): the city traditionally was decorated with thousands of candles, and today, by sound and lights shows.
  • The Gardens of Lyons and the area
  • Contemporary architecture in Lyons
  • Religious Lyons and the nearby village of the Holy Cure of Ars

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Gastronomy and Joie de vivre in Lyons

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