TRANSGLOBE, established 28 place du Grand Jardin 06140 VENCE (France) 500 528 179 RCS Grasse, is registered with Atout France 006 1000 16, is a member of the APS (Professional Association of Solidarity) which ensure its financial solvability and has subscribed a professional civil liability insurance with HISCOX, 12 Quai des Queries, 33100 Bordeaux No. HA RCP0081154 guarantee for an amount, all damages included, per claim and per year, of 1.5 million euros.


1. Purpose of the General Terms of Sale.

Transglobe, incoming agency, organizes tours and stays in France for individuals or groups. These Terms of Sale govern the sales of tours and stays organized by Transglobe to persons or entities named herein "the Client". Any offer made by Transglobe and any purchase by the Client of tours and / or stays arranged by Transglobe implies acceptance of the Client to these Terms of Sale and unconditional acceptance of all their provisions, to the exclusion of all other including the Terms of Sale or purchase of the Client himself.


2. Conclusion of the sale contract

After approval of the Client, Transglobe sent a confirmation of reservation by email, fax or postal mail, which includes the services to be provided by Transglobe on the occasion of the tour or the stay, the description of the route, the minimum or maximum size of the group for the realization of the tour or the stay, the total price, the terms of price revision and, where appropriate, options and prices.

The Client warrants that he has the capacity to contract and is personally committed for all participants to the tour or the stay and ensures the accuracy of information provided.

The sale contract is concluded when Transglobe receives from the Client a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the contract.


3. Changes in the price of the tour or the stay.

The contract price may be revised by Transglobe, either upside or downside, only in case of changes in economic conditions, such as :

a) Transport costs, particularly related to fuel costs,

b) The fees and taxes relating to services included, such as landing fees, boarding or disembarking at ports and airports, entrance fees in the monuments during the visits, VAT modifications, etc.

If, due to changes in these economic conditions, providers are increasing or decreasing their prices, Transglobe reserves the right to pass on fully the changes, either upwards or downward by changing accordingly the sale price, in accordance with Articles L 211-12 and R 211-8 of the Code of Tourism.

However, no increase in price will apply during the 30 days preceding the date of commencement of the tour and / or the stay contracted.


4. Terms of payment.

At the conclusion of the contract of sale of the tour and / or stay a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the contract is paid by the Client to Transglobe.

The balance must be settled spontaneously by the client so that Transglobe receives the balance not later than 14 days before the start of the tour or stay.

If the contract is made less than 14 days before the start of the tour or stay, the full price must be paid to Transglobe for the conclusion of the contract.

Vouchers and travel documents are delivered to the Client by Transglobe on receipt of payment of the total contract price.

In default of payment of the deposit and / or the entire balance in the above period, Transglobe will consider the contract has been terminated by the Client, and will be entitled to retain the cancellation charge as stipulated in Article 7 below as well as handling charges and if applicable the amount of insurance taken.

All payment must be made in euros, the bank charges are borne by the Client. In case of issue of a check in euro on a bank located outside metropolitan France, the Client must pay to Transglobe costs estimated at 1 / 1000 (one thousandth) of the amount of the check with a minimum of 23 euro per check.


5. Price.

The price includes the elements listed in the confirmation of the tour or stay, excluding all others. Non-use by the Client of services, services or supplements included in the description and paid for, either during the tour or stay, or in case of interruption of these, shall not give rise to any refund or credit.


6. Show tickets (theater, concert, opera, festival ...)

Reservations for show tickets are subject to special conditions: consequently the total price of tickets ordered must be paid at least 60 days before the date of the performance unless otherwise specified when booking. Otherwise, reservations are automatically canceled. Tickets purchased but not used will not be refunded nor give rise to a credit.


7. Contract cancellation by the Client

All requests for contract cancellation by the Client shall be addressed to Transglobe in writing the date of receipt being only taken into account. It is therefore imperative to address the cancellation in writing with acknowledgement of receipt.

Any cancellation by the Client regardless of the reason will result in perception of the following charges:


a. in case of total cancellation of the tour or stay:

- 59 to 14 days before the day of start of the tour or stay:

30% of the total contract price including all taxes.

- Less than 14 days before the start of the tour or stay:

100% of the total contract price including all taxes.


b. in case of cancellation of one or more participants (with a maximum of 25% of the contingent):

- Up to 30 days before the start of the tour or stay:

Cancellation free of charge.

- 29 to 21 days before the start of the tour or stay:

25% of the amount of benefits canceled all taxes included.

- 20 to 7 days before the day of start of the tour or stay:

50% of the amount of benefits canceled all taxes included.

- 6 to 3 days before the day of start of the tour or stay:

75% of the amount of benefits canceled all taxes included.

- Less than 3 days before the start of the tour or stay or in case of no show:

100% of the amount of benefits canceled.

However, if a minimum number of participants is required for the realization of a tour or a stay, and because of defections this number is not reached the day of the start of the tour or stay, or before to date, the tour or the stay will be deemed to be canceled by the Client and the costs due to Transglobe will be calculated as described above in case of total cancellation of the tour or stay the day Transglobe is informed that the minimum number of participants is not reached, the Client making his affair of the cancellation fees and, where appropriate, any compensation of the other participants, Transglobe assuming no responsibility.

However, if the client decides to make the tour or stay with a number of participants below the minimum number required in the contract of sale, the amount payable to Transglobe by the Client will be calculated based on the minimum number of participants required for implementation of the tour or stay and whatever the actual number of participants making the tour or stay.

Will also be considered a cancellation, failure to attend the day of the start of the tour or stay, or at the first service, at a time and place specified, or not to participate in the tour or stay because not to have the necessary documents (identity card, passport, visa, vaccination certificates, etc ...). The price will not be refunded and cancellation fees will be due.

If special conditions different from those of this section apply to certain sales contracts, they will be listed on the booking confirmation issued by Transglobe and forwarded to the Client.


8. Modifications of the contract by Transglobe.

If, before the start of the tour or stay, the observance of one of the elements of the contract is made impossible due to an external event that is imposed on Transglobe, the Client will be notified in writing with return receipt as soon as possible, and will be advised of the possibility either to cancel the contract or to accept the change or an alternative tour or stay proposed by Transglobe.

The Client must then make his choice within the period of five days from that notification and in any case before the start of the tour or stay if it is prior to the expiration of that period. In failure to reply within that period or before the start of the tour or stay if earlier, or if the Client presents itself the day of the start of the tour or stay, the Client will be deemed to have accepted the proposed amendment. When choosing to terminate the contract, the Client is entitled, without incurring penalties or fees, to reimbursement of all sums paid.

This section applies also in case of significant change in contract price occurring under the conditions stipulated under Article 3 of the Terms of Sale.

When, after the start of the tour or stay, Transglobe is unable to provide a major part of the contracted services representing a significant percentage of the price paid by the Client, Transglobe will immediately either offer services to replace those not provided and possibly bearing any additional charge and if the services accepted by the Client are of inferior quality, Transglobe will reimburse him, upon his return, the price difference, or, if Transglobe can not propose any alternative service or if they are rejected by the Client for valid reasons, Transglobe will have to provide to the Client, at no extra price, tickets to ensure his return under conditions that may be considered equivalent toward the place of departure or to another location agreed by both parties.


9. Liability.

Transglobe is not responsible for breach or improper fulfillment of the contract due to the Client or to unforeseeable and insurmountable events, a third party unconnected with the delivery of services under contract, or a case of force majeure. Transglobe will not be held liable for indirect damages that the Client would suffer or services not included in the description of the contract, nor pre-or post-transportation made at the initiative of the Client, or damage to persons and property caused by air, land or sea carriers, or changes of schedules, routes, destinations determined by the carriers and the consequent delays which may result. In any case, the responsibility of Transglobe will be limited to that resulting to legislation, EU regulations and international conventions in the field of air, land or sea carriers.


10. Administrative and sanitary formalities. Rules relating to transportation

It is to the Customer to inquire and to make sure before departure that he is in order with the administrative formalities (customs, police, particularly for minors and citizens of a State of the European Union or a State part to the Agreement on the European Economic Area) and sanitary formalities (including pets) in effect during the tour or stay in France.

It is also to the client to learn and to make sure before departure that he will travel in accordance with the rules imposed by land, air or sea carriers he will use to travel, especially concerning luggage (number, size, weight, content) and pets. Supplements that may be due will be the sole responsibility of the Client. In case of loss or damage to baggage, it is to the Client to file a claim and to monitor its progress. The Client is solely responsible to make on time, confirmation of return and / or seat reservation with carriers.


11. Transferring the contract to another party.

A Customer may assign his contract for a tour or a stay at a third party, provided that it meets all the requirements for the tour or the stay. Transglobe will be imperatively informed by any means allowing to get an acknowledgment of receipt at the latest 14 (fourteen) days before the start of the tour or the stay. An amount of 100 euros must be paid by the Client to Transglobe to cover the costs of this substitution. A new contract will be concluded with the new Client. The former and new client will make their own arrangements with the transport tickets that are not provided by Transglobe. The payments made by the former client will be allocated by Transglobe to the account of the new Client which will be jointly liable with the former Client of the payment, if any, of the balance of the price as well as additional costs arising from such transfer.

12. Claims, thefts and losses.

Any complaint concerning a service must take place immediately on the spot and confirmed in writing with acknowledgment of receipt to Transglobe and to the service provider in order to investigate the claim.

Transglobe is not responsible for thefts (especially in hotels), forgetfulness or losses (especially in transport) of goods of the Client or the participants. It is recommended to deposit into the safe of the hotels valuables, money, travelers checks, and travel tickets. In case of losses or thefts, Client must make the required declarations according to its insurance policy.


13. Personal Information: Data Protection Act.

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 8, 1978, known as Data Protection Act, the Customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him by writing to Transglobe. Transglobe agrees not to transmit this data to any third party.


14. Disputes

In case of dispute between the Client and Transglobe about the contract of sale, the parties agree to seek a friendly solution in the interests of everyone. However if it is impossible to find a satisfactory solution the parties will submit to the judicial authorities and take up residence before the competent court within the jurisdiction of the Maritime Alps.


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