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Thanks to a long experience in the organization of group travel in France we have a perfect knowledge of the French regions and a great expertise in logistic and coordination of hotels, guide and visits which ensure a successful trip where nothing is left to chance.

French regions offers innumerable images, colors, tastes and scents: Lavender fields of the Provence, blossom's apple trees of the Normandy, brilliant light of the Riviera, snowy summits of the Alps and Pyrenees, volcanoes of Auvergne, castles of the Loire Valley, ducks and truffles of the Périgord or Midi Pyrénées, wildness of the Brittany coast, flowered villages of Alsace, roman monuments of Burgundy, oyster farms of the Arcachon basin or the Poitou-Charentes coast, "grand chistera" players of the Pays Basque, endless vineyards of the Champagne or the Bordelais, heritage in Lorraine and Alsace


France is a land of contrasts and nuances where each region has its own atmosphere, created by wonderful landscapes, charming houses, unrivaled colors, original people, secular traditions, timeless stories which keep their richness and their strength.

Let's take you to the four corners of France for wonderful and unforgettable journeys...

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