Auvergne, a nature destination

Auvergne vulcanos © ATOUT FRANCE/R-Cast

In the heart of France, the Auvergne is the land of wide open spaces and ultimate volcanoes.

From the banks of the Allier river to the Cantal peaks, from the woodlands reliefs of the Haute-Loire to the Puy de Dome, the mysterious Auvergne offers striking contrasts.

Renowned for its natural heritage, Auvergne has the largest Regional Nature Park of Europe, the Regional Natural Park of Auvergne Volcanoes. La Chaine des Puys”, over 30 km length is the area of unforgettable walks to meet crater lakes, perched towns like Le Puy en Velay and landscapes shaped by eight million years of erosion.

The Auvergne is also a true water tower with 109 mineral springs from which flow tonic waters as Volvic, Vichy, Châteldon etc. ... and the second thermal region of France.

Land of flavors, famous for its cheeses (5 protected designations of origin) and meat (Salers, Charolais, Aubrac), the Auvergne is also distinguished by the richness of its table.

Nature destination, Auvergne will seduce travelers in search of authenticity and well-being.

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