We provide multilingual professional tour guides

Tour guide is both the destination's ambassador and the organizer’s representative to the clients.

At transglobe, we guarantee that we will choose a guide who has the skills to satisfy your clients' needs.

Language: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and on request: Russian, Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Turk, Hungarian, Greek, etc.

Level of service: escort, transfer, hosting, tour guide, mountain guide, conference manager, mediator... (Official guide)

Specific expertise: art, architecture, painting, gardening, wine growing, hiking, biking etc.

To ensure optimum service, we work in concert with the guide on the programme, decide eventual changes during the trip and work on feedback after the journey.

Paris Transfers and Excursions 2016 for Groups
12. 2016 ENG Paris groups Transfers and[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [180.5 KB]
Paris walking tours 2016
20. 2016 ENG Walking tours in Paris.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [229.6 KB]
Transfers and Excursions Bordeaux for groups 2016
19. 2016 ENG groups Bordeaux Transfers a[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [181.4 KB]
Transfers and Excursions Côte d'Azur for Groups 2016
16. 2016 ENG groups CA Transfers and ex[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [181.6 KB]
Transfers and Excursions Provence for Groups 2016
18. 2016 ENG groups Provence Transfers [...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [191.6 KB]

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